Trying for a baby? Here's what men need to do to their bodies while trying to conceive 4 years ago

Trying for a baby? Here's what men need to do to their bodies while trying to conceive

What the man does to his body is crucial also.

Being in a relationship is a joint effort so trying for a baby should be no different.


According to the Irish Examiner, the chair of nursing and midwifery at Trinity College Dublin, Professor Cecily Begley believes that men need to give alcohol the boot completely for a year when trying to conceive.

As well as saying goodbye to the booze for 12 months, Begley also believes that men need to control their weight and also increase their intake of fruit when they reach that stage of their relationship.

The intake of extra fruit and controlling their weight go hand in hand.

Being underweight or overweight can have negative effects on a man's sperm, and it can kill a couple's sex life because weight problems can affect a man's libido and performance.

Sticking to a healthy diet that contains a good mix of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, grains, and dairy, and fitting in physical activity on most days of the week can help him reach or maintain a healthy weight.

While Begley believes that men should give up the beer completely while trying out for a baby, research shows that it is okay for men to drink a limited amount during this period.

Sperm is affected by tobacco, alcohol, and drugs and the combination of these three may lower sperm counts and slow motility.


According to The Bump however, one or two standard unit drinks a day is fine.

Well boys, you need to play your part too to give you and your partner the best chance of having a little precious boy or girl.