Study reveals just how much Irish men love themselves 7 years ago

Study reveals just how much Irish men love themselves

Hands up, who does any of this this?

New research commissioned by Gillette has revealed the lengths that Irish men go to in an effort to look their very best and there's some surprising information on hand.


If any of your friends are a little bit vain then this might make sense to you, the average Irish man undergoes two ‘beauty treatments’ each month – with facials (14%) and waxing their eyebrows (12%) at the top of the wish-list.

Did this scene not put every other man off waxing?


We already know that all of us Irish lads are absolute rides but it seems that we're so gorgeous that we can't stop looking at our own faces. Irish men check their reflection in the mirror five times a day, growing to eight times a day when reflective surfaces such as windows, glass doors etc. are factored in.


Who can blame us when we're so gorgeous?

Magnum Zoolander

If your ego needs a bit of a boost then the survey has offered up a few suggestions. 22% of men say that they feel most confident after a shave, ranking higher than getting a haircut (20%) or buying a new outfit (19%).

That's the classic Anchorman school of thought for you, it's always a good time to musk up and buy new suits.


Musk Up

The study revealed that some of the other factors that increase men’s confidence are a gym work out (29%) and when someone from the opposite sex checks them out (29%). The research also had some interesting information regarding the ideal night for most Irish men because most of us prefer to stay in and watch TV or a movie (81%) than going to the pub (53%).

We understand if you've a hard time believing some of this information but the next one is a real eye-opener. Contrary to popular belief, two fifths (29%) of the men in Ireland are happy to go shopping with a friend or partner.

I don't know about you but this is my idea of torture.



Ok guys, now is the time to name and shame because over half (65%) of Irish  men have admitted to using a beauty product that belonged to their partners.

Any of your friends use their girlfriends fake tan or eyeliner?