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07th Aug 2014

Submit your confidential weight loss questions right here to Lloyds Online Doctor

Have a question about weight loss that you just can't ask a doctor face-to-face? We're here to help.


Have a question about weight loss that you just can’t ask a doctor face-to-face? We’re here to help.

Carrying  a few extra kilos around is something most, if not all of us, will deal with from time to time. but getting rid of that extra weight can be tricky, and there is so much advice out there, where should you turn for reliable information?

We’d recommend a trained GP so with our friends at Lloyds Online Doctor we’re here to help. If you have any questions regarding your weight, just submit it confidentially and anonymously in the panel below. We’ll then pass them on to Lloyds Online Doctor and they will answer them in a feature that will appear on the site on Friday August 22nd.

Remember, it is strictly confidential, but do give us your initials (which you can of course make up) and your age so we can address your question in the reply.

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