Survey reveals some worrying stats about STIs in Ireland 4 years ago

Survey reveals some worrying stats about STIs in Ireland

Check yourself before you wreck yourself...

A new study on the sexual health of 500 Irish people has produced some worrying findings.


It revealed that 68% of those surveyed have never had an STI check while 54% have never asked a partner if they'd recently had an STI check.

The survey was conducted by Durex, and even more amazingly, shows the lack of knowledge many Irish people have of STIs.

A good portion, 43%, of the public seem to believe that it's possible to cure genital herpes with prescription medication.

When it comes to warning partners of the possibility of an STI, 38% said they would inform all recent sexual partners if they were at risk, while 37% said that they would only inform their current partner.


Below are some of the key points of the survey:

  • 68% have never had an STI check
  • Over half (54%) have never asked a new sexual partner if they had recently had an STI check
  • More than 1 in 10 (12%) have had an STI scare
  • Almost 4 in 10 people (36%) would be too embarrassed to discuss the topic of STIs
  • 38% would have the courage to inform all their recent sexual ex-partners of an STI risk
  • Majority (53%) admit that pregnancy is the biggest worry when having unprotected sex
  • 14% don’t consider having unprotected sex something they worry about
  • 43% mistakenly believe genital herpes can be cured with prescribed medication.