The reason for the increase of infertility could have a conclusive answer 6 years ago

The reason for the increase of infertility could have a conclusive answer

The reason you've no lead in your pencil could be because of pesticides according to a new study...

New research suggests that the chemicals used to keep away the insects that damage crops are a major source of infertility and erectile dysfunction in men.


Keep away from those pesticides if you're out and about guys...


The study called Potential pathways of pesticide action on erectile function – A contributory factor in male infertility, discovered that pesticides can be extremely damaging to male fertility and their sex drive.

It is estimated in some studies that as much as 52% of men over 40 are suffering from erectile dysfunction and a further 70 million people struggling to have a child, therefore any possible causes of these problems should be taken very seriously.

One of the reasons that pesticides contribute to infertility is because they decrease testosterone concentration leaving men low in the hormone.

As well as decreasing testosterone, they also inhibit the chemicals that affect the neurotransmitters in the brain to give the man an erection.

They cause apoptosis and necrosis of cells which is basically a scientific way of saying cells die and shrivel up.


One way you can avoid pesticides is to wash all your fruit and vegetables before consume them or buy all organically grown produce.

Hat-tip to Global Research.