Nip sports injuries and muscle pain in the bud with 24/7 access to healthcare experts 9 months ago

Nip sports injuries and muscle pain in the bud with 24/7 access to healthcare experts

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Get around-the-clock support with any niggling aches or pains.


If you're big into sports or fitness, treating and preventing injuries properly is essential for staying in shape and smashing any goals you're working towards.

That said, we're all guilty of putting a health concern on the back burner from time to time. Maybe you put off a trip to the doctor during a busy period at work or ignored a niggling ache or pain in hopes that it would sort itself out over time.

If only there was a quicker, easier, and more convenient way to check in on your health, from the comfort of your own home...

Introducing MyClinic - Irish Life Health's online hub for all your everyday health needs. This handy virtual healthcare option gives customers unlimited access to Digital Doctor consultations, nurse check-ins, counselling and loads more essential healthcare professionals. Many of the services are available 24/7, all from the comfort of your own home, making it a really convenient way to stay on top of your health.


But this service is particularly helpful for anyone who's big into sport or fitness, giving customers a super simple way to treat any problems and get the specialised care needed to prevent future injuries. With that in mind, here's a closer look at some of the biggest perks that come with this benefit plan...

Avail of rapid relief for breaks, sprains and strains.

Every now and then, injuries happen. The likes of strains, sprains and fractures are usually easy to treat, but it's essential to get the right medical support when they happen. But it's no secret that long waiting times and busy schedules can make it tricky to give these injuries the attention they need.

If you're looking for a fast and hassle-free alternative, Irish Life Health gives members access to 19 Minor Injury Clinics nationwide, which offer rapid access to treatment for sprains, fractures, and other injuries. These clinics are open 365 days a year with no appointment needed, and Irish Life Health customers get unlimited visits to Minor Injury Clinics all over the country. It's sure to save you a lot of time and hassle when any slips or scrapes happen.


Take control of your back and neck pain for good.

Often, we don't appreciate how lucky we are to be pain-free until it's too late. Past injuries, bad posture and long-term wear and tear can all cause mild or acute pain in the back and neck, and this can be particularly debilitating if you're very active or play a lot of sports.

MyClinic Back-Up service was designed to support customers in treating and preventing back and neck pain like this, offering an easy and convenient way to get the treatment you need. For just €50, you'll get access to a case manager, who'll assess your problems and offer a personalised treatment plan and face-to-face or virtual physiotherapy - whichever is most appropriate.


Commit to regular physio at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your own home. 

Regular physio can do wonders for any persistent pain or discomfort, especially if it's getting in the way of your fitness goals. Aside from relieving pain and improving strength and coordination, it's also great for preventing sports injuries or damage further down the line. But that kind of treatment is going to be on the expensive side, surely?

Not at all, actually! Irish Life Health customers can avail of unlimited virtual appointments with a Physiotherapist. The biggest perk of this service is it can fit seamlessly around your existing schedule, so you can say goodbye to prioritising work or other life commitments over your health.


If you want fast access to expert health advice, at a time and place that suits you, then check out Irish Life Health’s range of virtual health services with MyClinic.

MyClinic services available where covered on your plan and clinically appropriate. Age restrictions and terms and conditions apply.

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Brought to you by Irish Life Health