This has been voted the world's ugliest colour 7 years ago

This has been voted the world's ugliest colour

Not sure if many would argue with this.

This colour has been referred to as 'dirty', 'tar' and even 'death'.


Officially known as Pantone 448 C, it could be best described as olive-brown.


Although the colour has been voted the ugliest colour in the world it does serve a very important purpose.

In 2012, when the Australian government began the implementation of plain packaging rules on tobacco products, their aim was to make the packaging as unattractive as possible, to deter people from smoking.


They conducted a survey to find the ugliest colour possible for all cigarette boxes and tobacco packs and this dirty colour came out on top.

So technically, this colour could be good for your health.

Other contenders included lime green, dark grey and beige.