Top five MMA training routines 9 years ago

Top five MMA training routines

MMA fighters rarely look anything other than chiselled out of rock. Here are five top cage fighter training routines that you might just be able to steal from.

By Robert Carry

Sean Sherk

Sean Sherk allowed the cameras into his gym to take a look at his ‘Caveman’ training routine. Heavy-bag body slams, incline sprinting, battling ropes and various other horrific tortures abound.

Wanderlei Silva

This gruelling routine has similarities to that of Sean Sherk. However, Silva’s trainers restrict his ability to breath by taping up his nose and making him wear a snorkel. Bizarre, but seems to do the trick.

Brock Lesnar

Although Lesnar’s star has fallen of late, his training regime does include some interesting features – his trainer’s strategy of surprising Lesnar with new tasks as a means of building mental toughness key among them.

BJ Penn

BJ’s trainers tore up the rule book, focusing on nervous system training. Body control, explosiveness and speed were the big winners for the Prodigy. I mean, the man can stand in a swimming pool up to his neck in water, and jump out without using his hands - he must be doing something right.

Randy Couture

This is routine was made popular by MMA legend Randy Couture. He emphasises continuous exercise with a light weight that is primarily about developing stamina and endurance through exercises linked to various phases of an MMA fight. Something you can incorporate.