Video: How to get ripped like Wolverine... Part 2 9 years ago

Video: How to get ripped like Wolverine... Part 2

With the help of the lads over at RAW Gym, we continue our look into the training regime used by Hugh Jackman that made him as ripped as he is in current flick The Wolverine.


In case you didn’t already know, Hugh Jackman is 44 years old. Most men of that age have given up on trying to keep in shape and have settled for the beer belly, moobs and love handles, but judging by his physique in The Wolverine, Hugh continues to put the rest of us to shame with abs that you could grate cheese on.

Following on from the first in a series of videos with the lads at RAW Gym yesterday, today we continue our look at Jackman’s punishing but rewarding gym regime with RAW’s Anthony Lynch, focussing on pull-ups, deadlifts, bent-over cable rows and hammer curls.

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