VIDEO: The people of Cork get together to form a wall against suicide 7 years ago

VIDEO: The people of Cork get together to form a wall against suicide

It keeps going, and going, and going.

We received the following message from JOE reader Aaron Lynch over the weekend, accompanied by a video from Cork that will show you just how strong the sense of community is down in the Rebel County.


Aaron writes: 'Think for a second... you have a bad day at school, college, work or wherever it may be.

'You come home and feel like you're by yourself, nobody to talk to. You think everyone hates you and everything you do is wrong. You feel no matter what kind of a situation your're in you think everyone is talking about you.

'Why? You have absolutely no idea! You think there is only one way to escape. Now stop. I have thought like this for years! I battled with my head each and every day and the scary part was there was no external factor.

'I just had poor mental health. When my dad died my life crashed and I came to an all time low but thankfully was able to pick myself back up with the help of friends and family, but for a while I thought I was by myself until I started talking.


'I've come to the point where I don't care what people think anymore and I can finally go about enjoying things that I want to enjoy and it's only since then I've found out that nobody really cares what you do if it's making you happy!

'This video below shows the people of Cork coming together in an area where many people have taken their own life and just shows how many people really do care!

'If you're ever feeling down then remember just how many people do care. Please just talk to somebody, let it be me if needs be.

'Too many families have been affected by suicide including my own! Seeing the people of Cork come together tonight was incredible and I won't stop posting about mental health as long as I feel I might be helping someone!'