WATCH: This video about tea will tell you whether you can have sex or not 6 years ago

WATCH: This video about tea will tell you whether you can have sex or not

Yes, we agree, it is an unexpected analogy.

Sexual consent has become a national conversation but despite the proliferation of social commentary, there is still some confusion.


It seems simple, in a consensual world either everyone involved says hell yeah, I want to have sex, and you proceed to have a great time and loads of sex OR one person, or both people or anyone with skin in the game says, no I don't want to have sex and you just go back to spooning or playing boggle or not interacting in any way at all.

But somehow despite the apparent simplicity things get messy when it comes to sex, and that is where tea comes in.

In a survey released this month it was revealed that  21% of Irish people think having sex without consent may be justified in certain situations. In the same survey, taken by thousands of people across Europe, it showed that;

  • 7% of Irish people think a woman deserves to be raped if she is walking out alone at night.
  •  11% of Irish people say that being drunk or on drugs justifies sex without consent.
  •  9% of Irish people think  intercourse without consent is justified if a person voluntarily goes home with someone.
  • 9% of  people say sexual intercourse without consent is justified if the person is wearing revealing, provocative or sexy clothing.

There can be no ambiguity around this. Sex without consent is rape and consent can only be given by a person voluntarily. Consent does not come from sexual history or clothing or geographical location and importantly it can be taken back at any moment.

Still feeling a bit iffy on the sticky? Watch this video for a play-by-play.

Warning, it does get uncomfortable.


Consensual sex and consensual tea, a combination made in Irish heaven.