The 'secret weapon' people have been using to lose belly fat quickly has been exposed as myth 6 years ago

The 'secret weapon' people have been using to lose belly fat quickly has been exposed as myth

It does not help you lose weight.

Coconut oil has been described as a secret weapon to losing belly fat and it is reportedly both a great source of energy and also a great way of burning off your stored body fat.


However, in a review of a clinical study that was done in August 2017 on weight loss and metabolism, nutritionist Georgios Tzenichristos of lipotherapeia reports that coconut oil does not help you lose weight.

The study which was published in the US National Library of Medicine stated that the idea that “coconut oil makes you feel fuller and helps you lose weight” was in fact untrue.

They found that coconut oil is not the same as medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil which is known for making your stomach feel like it is at its capacity.


MCT oil is concentrated medium chain fatty acids derived from coconut oil and other oils that boosts energy and metabolism and more can be found on MCT here.

This study examined the satiety effect of coconut oil, versus MCT oil vs normal vegetable oil and showed that coconut oil is not nearly as effective as MCT oil in reducing hunger and food intake.

Tzenichristos said:

"Coconut oil has become the darling fad of celebs, bloggers and instagrammers, with almost magical properties attributed to it. This was based on several studies which have shown that MCT (a constituent of coconut oil) does improve satiety, boost thermogenesis and stimulate weight loss.

"However, coconut oil only contains 14% MCTs and the studies were conducted with 100% MCT oil, i.e. 7x times more. Coconut oil is NOT the same as MCT oil, in the same way that black cherries are not the same as a black forest gateau. They are two totally different things, and all those studies on coconut oil prove it.

"Coconut oil may be or may not be a healthy fad (it's still being debated by scientists) but one thing is for sure: it does not help you lose weight."


It looks like it's back to the drawing board for us so.