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Weight Watchers diary: Week 5
This week we're catching up with both of JOE's Weight Watchers challengers as they reach week five on a high.

This week we're catching up with both of JOE's Weight Watchers challengers as they reach week five on a high.

Name: Peter Cooney
Meeting: Thomas Davis GAA Club, Tallaght
Starting weight: 13 stone 13.5lbs
Current weight: 13 stone 3lbs

I’m pretty sure when Kafka was writing ‘The Metamorphosis’ he was creatively envisaging a Tallaght man that would be attending Weight Watchers in 2012. Of course I haven’t turned into a bug, nor have I become an object of disgrace to all around me. As I think  about it further, maybe he wasn’t writing about me at all.

I guess it might be just a little bit far fetched to think that a Czech author was prophesying an Irish man over 90 years in the future losing weight. Anyways I think my point is that I have endured a metaphorsis of sorts and its bloody great and thankfully I have not suffered in the same manner as Gregor.

The ‘metamorphosis’ has continued this week and I have lost another 2.5 lbs, meaning I have now reached my 5% goal.  When I started the programme some people told me that it may not work, but they were wrong. So very wrong.

As is becoming the norm, my week was up and down, but the days I was eating healthy I was really eating healthy. Unfortunately, the days I was being unhealthy, I was being very unhealthy, just ask a certain Eddie R, that's too obvious - E Rocket. A shout out must also go to the patient bar staff in the Button Factory and the Gypsy Rose, the latter whom it must be said were very patient.

Losing weight and reciting 'The Metamorphis' - all change for Peter


But after every over indulgence I would just get tracking again and counting my ProPoints and the results cannot be argued with, 10 lbs in four weeks. I’m delighted with myself, I feel and look great. If I may say so myself.

The ripped muscle in my stomach is on the heal so I will probably tackle the gym at the weekend which will give me even more ‘fun’ ProPoints.

After four weeks on the programme I have only positive things to say as it’s working wonders. The scales is no longer a bastard and I am enjoying our blossoming friendship. I bid you adieu for this week as I prepare myself for a very trying few weeks ahead, but I know I’ll be fine, I’m on Weight Watchers!

Name: Roger Wheeler

Meeting: Castle Arch Hotel, Trim

Starting weight: 15 stone 7.5lbs

Current weight: 14 stone 9.5lbs


This week I must say was possibly the most difficult of the program so far. But in saying that, after stepping onto the scales and noticing that there was a minus sign in front of the numbers 1.5, the feeling of relief was an understatement.  So there you have it. I have reached the first milestone in the Weight Watchers program by losing 5% of my body weight and doing it in less than five weeks. That's a total weight loss of 12 lbs to date.

When I say that this week was tough, I mean it from the point of the major drop in temperature and the icy roads, putting exercise on the back burner. I know that I was saying that I’d like to start swimming, but as it has been -3 in the mornings, the bed was a more comfortable option. I am now however within touching distance of the one stone mark.  I don't care if I have to wear 40 layers, I am getting back out there to give myself the extra push to make 14 lb mark.

A great deal of thanks must go to Weight Watchers who have kindly posted out their new cook book that has a huge variety of recipes from all different styles of cooking. This evening when I came home from the meeting I cooked up a lovely spaghetti Bolognese. By following the recipe I was able to enjoy a rather large portion of it for only six of my daily 45 ProPoints. With the spaghetti this was a full meal for only 10 ProPoints.

Roger closes in on one stone ane celebrates Celtic's Champions League win

After reaching my 5% weight loss I read in the hand book that you should mark the occasion with something to remember. So I did with a nice bag of crisps, a bar of chocolate and watching Celtic play their way into the last 16 of the Champions League.

So here we go.  5% gone, another  5% to go but I must say, the main thing to losing the weight along with following the program is patience. It's all very well saying “I'm going to lose another two pounds this week”, but sometimes things happen and instead of thinking that you might be down in weight it can turn out to being a small weight gain, or you stay the same.

I know that over the last two weeks my weight loss has not been as big as the first two weeks but I know not to get complacent and that patience is essential.


Signing off for this week with another weight loss and at the brilliant milestone of the 5% total body weight loss.

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