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07th Mar 2024

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get almost €200 worth of free games this month

Nina McLaughlin

PlayStation Plus users, run, don’t walk.

PlayStation Plus‘s March selection has finally dropped, and all in all, it seems like gamers are in for a pretty good haul.

Last month, the scheme allowed users to nab £300 (€351.57) worth of free games, but this month the total worth comes to just over half of that at £160 (€187.51).

However, the selection should offer something for everyone, and those on the Essential tier of the programme can even nab one game more than usual.

It features games from four big categories – roguelikes, racing games, puzzle games, and looter shooters.

f you want to make the most of the deal, make sure that you act quickly. Plus subscribers can download the four games for free until April 2 when the deal ends.

The first of the four games is Sifu. The roguelike sees gamers play the role of a Kung Fu master, but each time the player dies they age by many years. Although the older the character means the stronger the damage output, overall health is affected.

However, if you become too old, your character can die permanently, forcing you to restart the level and making sure gamers truly master each stage.

Next up on the roster is EA Sports F1 23. For Formula One fans, this is a total steal, as the game only came out less than a year ago, so it’s pretty impressive it’s already available for free to Plus users.

It brings back some popular features from old games with the return of the “Braking Point” story mode, but also gives new life to the franchise with a new UI and driving physics features.

Another game PlayStation Plus subscribers can nab for free is Hello Neighbour 2. The ‘horror’ puzzle game sees gamers become Quentin, a journalist who is investigating the goings on of the town of Raven Brooks.

“Hello Neighbour 2 invites you to a seemingly quiet town of Raven Brooks where everyone is hiding something,” the official synopsis reads. “You are an investigative journalist looking to uncover the darkest secrets of your neighbours and solve the case of Mr Peterson, the infamous antagonist of Hello Neighbour.

“Sneak around, search for clues behind the mysteries and play against complex opponents controlled by advanced neural network AIs that learn from you and all other players – the whole town is your playground now!”

The final game from March’s selection is an extension to Destiny 2, so unfortunately if you don’t have the base game you won’t be able to make the most of this new drop.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen introduces a host of new content for gamers, including new gear, locations and missions.