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24th Nov 2020

PS5 controller trigger will tighten to indicate player fatigue on FIFA 21

The PlayStation 5 controller triggers will tighten when FIFA 21 players sprint to indicate fatigue and let you know it's time to bring on some fresh legs

Reuben Pinder

The next gen consoles are taking realism to a whole new level.

EA Sports has laid out all the details of how FIFA 21 will be upgraded for the PlayStation 5, ranging from more realistic movement in players’ hair to ball compression as you strike it.

As we all know, football is a game of marginal gains and these small details will accumulate to make an all round more lifelike gaming experience.

And chief among the most significant changes relates to player fatigue. Obviously, fitness levels have existed on FIFA since the game’s inception, and management of players’ fitness, especially in career mode, has always been important.

When playing in a one-off friendly or online seasons game, however, you’d be forgiven for disregarding player fatigue as unimportant and running your best players into the ground. They are, after all, not real people.

The PlayStation five won’t let you get away with that so much.

Making use of the PS5’s ‘DualSense’ controller, players will experience ‘haptic feedback’, which is meant to replicate the real life experience of what is happening on screen. In driving games, that may be the grittiness of driving a car through mud, on a shooting game, that would relate to the recoil and vibrations of firing a gun.

On FIFA 21, it means the triggers on the controller will tighten when players are fatigued.

The haptic feedback will also affect other areas of gameplay.

“From last-ditch goal saving blocks to in-off-the-bar screamers, a new DualSense controller on PlayStation 5 with rich and responsive haptic feedback deepens the gameplay experience. Sense the impact of shots, passes, and tackles with immersive controller haptics that respond to what happens on the pitch to let you feel the rhythm of the game in your hands,” EA Sports have said.

Physical battles will also feel more realistic on the next generation consoles. With ‘Real Player Motion Technology’, FIFA players will feel “enhanced physically in the battle for possession during open play and in set-piece situations as players jostle, push, and pull with more responsiveness than ever before.”