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08th Mar 2024

‘I refused to swap seats so a mum could sit with her toddler’

Ryan Price

“Not my problem they didn’t book together.”

We all know that transport etiquette is a melting pot for fiery tempers and self-righteous outbursts.

An angry traveller has shared her own experience of flight rage after she refused to move seats so that a mother could sit next to her toddler on a long-haul flight.

The woman who refused to move shared her experience on the public forum Reddit and over 150 people have had their say on whether she was justified or not.

In the post, the woman revealed that the incident took place on a trans-Pacific flight from Japan to the US.

The disgruntled flyer was getting comfortable in her bulkhead window seat when she was joined in the row by a toddler.

After strapping her child into the middle seat, the Mum explained that she was sat in the row behind, and asked the woman if she wouldn’t mind switching seats so that she could sit next to her child.

She wrote: “She asked me – and just me – to switch with her so she could have my window seat (next to her daughter) and I’d take her middle seat a row back. Hell to the f*** no. Not my problem they didn’t book together.

“Worse is we were surrounded by others from her tour group that she could’ve asked for a three-way trade instead,” she added.

“The audacity to ask just me and expect an inferior trade on my side.”

Readers of the Reddit post were, more than anything, shocked that the woman fancied being sat next to an unaccompanied toddler on the seven or so hour flight, and wanted to know how she fared for the journey.

One user, who described themselves as a “parent of a toddler,” expressed shock that the original poster would prefer to sit next to someone else’s child rather than change seats.

“Sure, someone else could move, but either [way] someone has to move or someone has to sit next to a flying toddler,” the commenter wrote.

She went on to reprimand the original Redditor for being “infuriated” about “a mom trying to watch their own kid,” calling it ‘dumb’.

“I honestly don’t know which is more annoying for other passengers,” she said.

Another user asked: “Why were you so eager to sit next to a stranger’s toddler daughter?”

Another user wrote: “My rule of thumb is: 1). Will only change an aisle for an aisle (my preference). 2). Will never change an aisle or a window for a middle 3). Will never change if I had to spend extra money to get my seat.”