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01st Oct 2023

Apple cars will be available soon and will have special features linked to iPhones

Callum Boyle

Apple car

It will cost you a pretty penny.

Apple are planning to branch out from the world of mobile phones, laptops and more and release something a little bit bigger: a car.

The technology company have been battling back rumours of their intention to build a car since 2014. Yet, following the successful launch of the Tesla car, reports are suggesting that an Apple car is on the way.

Unofficially named as the ‘iCar’, a list of supposed features that will allegedly come with the vehicle have seemingly been leaked.

First of all, the car will unsurprisingly run off Apple’s iOS. They wouldn’t be the first to do so, with Mercedes recently unveiling their first in-house software for their own cars.

Apple iCar.

All of Apple’s cars will be electric and autonomous however those who feel the need for speed will probably be disappointed as the car is considered to be suited for more of a cruiser-type as opposed to a racer.

If Apple’s CarPlay has anything to say, you may even be able to start your car by using your iPhone. CarPlay allows users to get directions and play music on your car’s built-in display, as well as using digital car keys to unlock and start your car with an iPhone.

In terms of design, the car is expected to look like a Tesla and is also likely to cost a pretty penny.

Supercar Blondie have also predicted that the price of the car will be around the same as the recently unveiled Tesla Model X which is around $100,000 per car.

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