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01st Dec 2023

Deal or No Deal viewers in tears as contestant reveals he doesn’t have long left to live

Joseph Loftus

Deal or No Deal

‘I’ve always had such bad luck’

Deal or No Deal contestants have been left in tears as contestant Brad confessed to host Stephen Mulhern that he was dying.

Brad, who was a fan favourite on the show, was noticeably upset and even broke down in tears, as he told the TV presenter that he had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and that his life expectancy wasn’t long.

Motor Neurone Disease, also known as MND, affects the motor nerves that eventually degenerate and die, causing muscles to become weaker and weaker, resulting in eventual paralysis.

The contestant explained that he most likely had just a few years left to live, but he remained hopeful, remembering that Stephen Hawking was also diagnosed and lived for a further 55 years.

As his voice began to break, Brad told Stephen that he wanted to appear on the show in the hopes of winning some cash to tick things off his bucket list and to leave his family some money behind.

As Brad’s co-stars, who had become his friends, listened to his story, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as many were spotted on camera wiping away tears.

Brad played an excellent game on the show and everyone was right behind him. At one point, he’d managed to get rid of more blue boxes than red and still had the massive £100,000 to be found.

The banker then called and offered Brad a tempting £12,500, but his mum convinced him to keep playing due to his lucky streak.

However things took a crushing turn as with four boxes left (£75,000, £5,000, £10, and £5), Brad lost the £75k and then the £5k.

He told Stephen: “This is my life. I’ve always had such bad luck. Nothing changes. I should have expected this.”

The banker’s final offer to Brad was a brutal £4 and after opening his final box he was left with just £5.

Viewers were left absolutely devastated for Brad with one person writing: “#DealOrNoDeal Brad deserved so much more, really unlucky guy I hope his life goes better in the future.”

Another penned: “Brad you might not have won big but you have a handsome fella, a lovely mum, a goat and loads of chickens, that’s better than any money! Thanks for playing your game and I wish you lots of love for the future. #DealOrNoDeal.”

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