Eamonn Holmes says Holly Willoughby should ‘follow Phil out the door’ in explosive interview 4 months ago

Eamonn Holmes says Holly Willoughby should ‘follow Phil out the door’ in explosive interview

‘I don’t think you’ll ever see Holly back on the couch’

Eamonn Holmes has said that Holly Willoughby should “follow Phil out the door” and leave This Morning in an explosive interview.


In recent weeks, Holmes has been outspoken in his dislike of Phillip Schofield, following first his sudden departure from This Morning and then his resignation from ITV after he admitted he had lied about having an affair with a younger colleague on the daytime show.

After labelling Phil and his This Morning co-host Holly a “pair of actors”, he then launched a scathing attack on Schofield expressing his disbelief at the idea that the presenter had “stepped down” from his role on This Morning.

When Schofield then admitted to the affair with a younger male colleague whilst he was still married to his wife Stephanie, Eamonn claimed that four members of ITV management had known “what sort of man he [Schofield] was.”

On Monday night, he gave an explosive interview on GB News to Dan Wootton. Along with discussing Schofield, Holmes also turned his attention to Willoughby, who he said should also leave This Morning.


He claimed she was “distant” from the crew on the show and didn’t know their names.

He also suggested the 42-year-old was “distancing” herself from Schofield, who she also co-presents Dancing On Ice with.


Eamonn said: “Not only should Phillip go, but Holly should follow him out the door.

“I don’t think you’ll ever see Holly back on the couch again. Holly doesn’t know people’s names, either. This is legendary within the production teams, that how distant they are and how they just don’t care.

“There are people who say for her it’s not about what Phillip did, it’s not about protecting the young fella involved.

“There are financial experts who would say it’s about brand protection with her, her company, and advertising deals which looks like she’s distancing herself from to protect herself.”


In the same interview, Holmes claimed his colleague “never once talked to us about any relationship,” but that they knew he was “in a bad way.”

Following Schofield’s admission that he lied about the relationship with the employee, who was working as a production assistant on the show, ITV has said they did investigate the “rumours of a relationship.”

However, after both “repeatedly denied” the affair, they found no reason to take things further.


Willoughby has also claimed she had no knowledge of the affair. In her own statement over the weekend, she said she had directly asked Schofield about the rumours and been told by him that they were not true.

She said it had been “very hurtful to now find out this was a lie.”

Eamonn himself has also denied having any knowledge of the affair, hitting out at Schofield for “deceiving and lying to” him and his wife Ruth Langsford while they worked together on the show.

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