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18th Apr 2024

‘Four Lads In Jeans’ recreate viral pic and everyone’s saying the same thing

Ryan Price

Four lads in jeans

This marks the official death of skinny jeans.

Unless you live under a rock, you know exactly who we’re talking about when we reference the ‘four lads in jeans’.

Alex Lacey, Jamie Phillips, Kevin Rooney and Connor Humpage took the internet by storm in 2020 when they posed for a group photo outside an All-Bar-One on a lads night out.

The image blew up online, and became the go-to meme for any lad culture reference or straight white male blanket statement that appeared in a thread on Twitter.

The one thing people seemed to grab on to was the sheer tightness of the jeans all four lads were wearing. It sparked an internet-wide debate on whether or not skinny jeans were acceptable on a man, with the overall conclusion being that they were an absolute crime against fashion.

Four years on from that earth-shattering event, the lads are back, but this time they’re wide-leg and never going back.

‘Four Lads In Jeans’ recreate viral pic and everyone’s saying the same thing

The Brummy boys have moved with the times, and we have to say they’re looking pretty slick and stylish.

The update was posted by the official account of shopping & retail centre Bullring and Grand Central in Birmingham, who also shared a video of the four friends embarking on a shopping spree in Arket, Levi’s, Bershka and Superdry.

The lads seem much more comfortable and confident in their new baggy trousers, and the majority of people on Instagram agreed that it was a much better look for the famous foursome.

One user wrote: “Wide looks sooo much better.”

Another was just happy to see the back of the tight trousers that made the lads Facebook famous: ‘Skinnies on a man should never have been a trend.”

Another seemed to be more focused on the general appearance of the four men rather than the clothes they were displaying: “Aging like fine wine right there!”

Back in 2022, the ‘four lads in jeans’ were immortalised in the form of a bronze statue replicating the iconic photograph.

In a tweet teasing the creation, artist Tat Vision shared a picture of the sculpture and it was officially unveiled in late August of that year outside of All Bar One at Grand Central in Birmingham city centre.

The statue is made out of women’s mannequins, papier-mâché, and PVA glue.

Unfortunately, it was only temporarily available for public-viewing, and now resides in some corner of the artist’s studio.

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