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22nd Feb 2023

Judge extends Andrew Tate’s detention in Romanian jail for third time

Jack Peat

The controversial influencer is being held on suspicion of organised crime and human trafficking.

Ander Tate’s detention in a Romanian jail has been extended by a judge for the third time, it has been announced. The controversial influencer and former kickboxer was detained by authorities at the end of December last year and has since had his detention extended in January and at the start of February.

He is being held alongside his brother and two others on suspicion of organised crime and human trafficking. None of the four suspects have been formally charged, but detectives have now been granted more time to build a case against him.

Romania’s anti-organised crime agency, DIICOT, petitioned to have the Tate brothers remain in prison, according to the Associated Press, however the two others have been released on house arrest. The judge ruled that the “particular dangerousness of the defendants” as well as their capacity “to exercise permanent psychological control over the victims” was reason enough to keep Andrew and Tristan behind bars for now.

According to the BBC, lawyers for the Tate brothers said prosecutors didn’t submit any new evidence to justify keeping the two locked up in detention for another 30 days. Before the verdict, Andrew Tate claimed on Twitter that he’d recently scored a big legal win.

“My Legal team has done a fantastic job today,” he said. “As of today, the Judges have been given a very close understanding of the Truth behind the allegations against me. True colors were brought to light.”

However, following the decision to keep him behind bars he wrote: “I will meditate deeply over this decision.”

Tate’s lawyer recently suggested that the misogynist social media personality is just part of a “satirical public persona” in a shock confession. Speaking to LBC. Tina Glandian stressed it was important that her clients were presumed innocent, regardless of comments they have made that some might find offensive.

“I think a lot of what of the discussion towards is leaning towards is the content that they put on social media,” Glandian said.

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