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25th Jul 2023

Plane crashes while fighting wildfires on Greek island

Joseph Loftus

Greece plane crash

An aircraft fighting wildfires in Greece has crashed.

Reports have emerged that a plane fighting the raging wildfires in Greece has sadly crashed.

State broadcaster ERT said that the plane crashed over the town of Karystos on the island of Evia, near Athens. The fire brigade also confirmed the news.

At the time of writing no information has been confirmed about the fate of the pilot.

Footage claiming to show the moment of the crash shows a plane, thought to be a Canadair craft, crashing directly into a hillside before bursting into flames.

The news comes as thousands of Irish and British holidaymakers are reportedly stranded on Greek islands desperately awaiting flights home.

The wildfires remain ongoing in numerous parts of Greece having started just last week.

At the time of writing it is believed that at least two people have died as a result of the fires and many more have been left injured and displaced.

Forecasters believe the current heatwave engulfing Greece and other parts of Europe are set to be the longest in history, lasting for over two weeks.

It is expected to be the hottest July Greece has faced in over 50 years.

On the island of Evia, where the plane crash occurred, flames reached a height of 20 metres (66ft) and the mayor asked for use of aerial vehicles to help tackle the fires.

On the same island it was reported that one man died as a result of heat stroke.

On Sunday, the DFA released a statement saying: “Irish citizens should stay away from the affected areas and move rapidly out of any areas affected. This is an evolving situation; comply with evacuation orders and follow instructions from the emergency service, police and local authorities.”

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