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10th Jan 2024

Restaurant owner praised for kicking out family because children were crying

Joseph Loftus

‘No, it’s bad parenting’

A restaurant owner has surprisingly been praised after booting a family out of their cafe because their kids wouldn’t stop crying.

The incident has since sparked a huge debate online.

The story goes that a set of parents and two children, aged two and three, visited Adele’s Cafe on Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, West Point, Australia.

However their plan to get ice cream rather quickly went downhill when the owner of the store, Adrian Dall’oste, asked them to leave.

The owner told FEMAIL that the two children started having tantrums and the eldest child “showed his unhappiness by clearing [the] shelf off with all [their] shells and items on the counter”.

Dall’oste explained: “Then he picked up one of the metal flasks and threw it on the tiles – I was surprised it didn’t smash the tiles.

“My staff member looked at me like ‘what should we do’ and I waved my hands like it will be over a minute – but they didn’t leave, they sat at a table outside.”

That’s when the owner decided enough was enough.

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After 15 minutes of watching the kids shouting and screaming, the store owner went outside and told them to leave, saying that the mum appeared shocked an that the dad told him it was “bad business”.

“I told him, ‘No, it is bad parenting’.”

One person who didn’t agree with Dall’oste’s decision to kick the family out was fellow customer, Laura Edwards, who witnessed the encounter before storming up to the owner and telling him that their behaviour was “disgusting”.

Edwards also took a video and shared it to social media urging her followers not to go to the cafe.

However the video had the opposite effect with many people praising the owner.

One person wrote: “Good on the business owner, I would of done the exact same thing. He has a duty to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience. I have kids and when they were little, if they carried on like little brats I would of packed up and left out of the respect for others.”

Others also praised Dall’oste’s actions.

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