Sam Smith misgendered again as they say they want to become a 'fisherthem' 3 months ago

Sam Smith misgendered again as they say they want to become a 'fisherthem'

"I do love fishing, yes... Yeah, I'd love to be a fisherthem."

Sam Smith has been misgendered yet again, this time on The One Show.


Appearing on the BBC programme, the singer - who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns - revealed that they have a secret fishing hobby that they would like to pursue after leaving the stage.

"One day, I'd just like to end my days fishing. Like sitting on a bank." Smith said.

On the show, the performer had to correct presenter Alex Jones after she asked if Smith would like to be a "fly fisherman".

Just days following their iconic Brit Awards performance, the topic on the programme turned to Smith's hobbies, with fellow One Show host Ronan Keating asking: "You're a big fan of fishing?"


Smith replied: "I do love fishing, yes! Yeah, I'd love to be a fisherthem."

Jones asked then: "What, like a fly fisherman?" to which Smith responded: "I'd be any type of fisherthem."

Naturally, Piers Morgan, who also took issue with Smith's Brit awards outfit, took issue with their "fisherthem" remark.


Following claims that their Grammy performance was 'satanic' earlier this month, Smith caused a further stir with their Brit awards performance of 'Unholy' with Kim Petras.

A spokesperson for Ofcom told the MailOnline: "We received 106 complaints about The Brit Awards on ITV1 on 11 February.

"The majority of complaints related to Sam Smith’s performance, with the remainder about the use of offensive language and consumption of alcohol."


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