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16th Dec 2023

Pornhub has released its most searched for categories in 2023



Just in case you were wondering…

It’s December, and yes that means Christmas and festivities and food and drink, but it also means Pornhub releasing their most searched for categories of 2023.

The Canada-based adult website is among the most popular in the world for x-rated content, and is also one of the most-visited websites in the world.

Every year they release data on what content is making people tick, and the results are usually a somewhat interesting insight into how habits have changed over the years.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top five Pornhub search categories of the year.

5. Sexual healing

Worldwide, “therapy” related searches on Pornhub increased as the year went on, with an increase of +344% since last year. Most interested in this category were western countries, particularly Canada (+566%) and Australia (+541%).

People were getting their sexual healing by searching acts such as “massage therapy” which was up +76%, “therapy sex” up +121%, “foot therapy” up +219%, and “anal therapy” up +298%.

Additionally, people looking for specific professions in the industry, like ‘massage therapist’ and ‘personal trainer’ were on the rise (no pun intended).

When asked about this increase in therapy-related searches, Dr. Laurie Betito said, “I find it interesting that ‘therapy’ is a porn search word. More and more people, thankfully, are seeking help for mental health and sexual issues, which is great. However, at the same time, fantasies involving a patient/therapist relationship turned sexual is quite common, probably because it is taboo and involves a power differential.”


4. Uniforms

Those looking for videos with people in uniform grew by +243% worldwide in 2023, according to Pornhub. The previous top uniform search (maid uniform) was usurped by the likes of military and cop uniforms this year.

This year, “soldier” searches grew +332%, with “female soldier” being the 5th most popular search, ahead of “military soldier” and “gay soldier.”

3. Sex machines

One of the year’s top trending searches was “android,” growing by a whopping 1689%.

Searches for “robot” grew by +304% and “sex machine” grew by +88%, as well as mechanical sex toys like “dildo machine,” “milking machine,” and “penis machine.”

“NPC” (Non-Playable Character) grew by +1541% in 2023. The most popular NPC searches being “NPC sex,” “game NPC,” and “hentai NPC.”

2. Super size

It seems people had size on their minds in 2023. Users seem to have a keen interest in performers who have larger breasts, bums and penises. The ‘big ass’ and ‘big dick’ categories were also among the longest-watched categories of the year, with an average view time of 14 minutes each.

1. Mature

Mature porn came out on top this year. Milf is now the fifth most viewed category worldwide and the mature category grew 69% (nice) to become the seventh biggest worldwide. Mature is now the 2nd most popular category among men, and the 5th for women.

Gilf searches grew by 168% and Dilf grew by 71% in 2023 and “daddy” by +27%.

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