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13th Jul 2023

Man sums up six year relationship with most common words used over text

Simon Kelly

relationship text

The words certainly tell a story.

A man has compiled a list of the most commonly used words written in texts between him and his ex-partner over their six year relationship, accounting for every year.

The man, who goes by the username u/canadianhoneycreeper posted in the Reddit thread DataIsBeautiful.

Posted in a word cloud format, with the most commonly-used words being the biggest, the pictures tell a story of how the relationship blossomed, peaked and ultimately broke down over the six years. The user provides some context along the way to give a bit more insight into what was happening each year.

The first year is captioned ‘We met online’, with some of the most common words in their texts being ‘haha’, ‘tonight’, ‘good’, ‘weekend’ and ‘food’.

The second year, captioned ‘We moved in together’ uses common words like ‘haha’, ‘good’, ‘morning’ and ‘baby’

The third year is labelled ‘Bliss’ with the common words including the likes of ‘movie’, ‘baby’, ‘Bub’, ‘love’.

Texts of a five year relationship, year by year [OC]
by u/canadianhoneycreeper in dataisbeautiful

In the fourth year, labelled ‘We got engaged’ the couple clearly reached the peak of their relationship and words like ‘home’, ‘amazing’ and ‘wow’ were most common.

The caption for the fifth slide is labelled ‘She demanded a third move, then she kicked me out’ with common words being ‘Okay’, ‘please’ and ‘maybe’.

Year six, titled ‘We tried to resolve things, then catastrophe struck’, marks the couples final year, with the most common words used being ‘Okay’, ‘think’, ‘just’ and ‘need’.

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