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29th Feb 2024

Woman, 25, announces her own death with devastating LinkedIn post

Ryan Price

The young woman shared her heart-wrenching final words on the professional network.

A woman who tragically passed away from a rare form of cancer broke the news of her death to friends and colleagues by posting an emotional message on the networking site, LinkedIn.

The HR professional from Leeds in the UK pre-wrote the message and saved it in drafts on her profile. Her parents then logged in and posted the update on her behalf following her death.

Daniella Thackray died from cholangiocarcinoma – a relatively unknown form of bile duct cancer.

In the post, which has been liked by nearly 40,000 people, Daniella urges people to “enjoy the little things in life and cherish every moment”.

In the post, Daniella wrote: “If you’re reading this, then it means I have died from my battle with cancer and my family are posting my final message on my behalf.

“Firstly, I just want to say that not all cancers are caused by lifestyle choices, in some cases it’s genetics or unfortunately it just happens. In my case, despite me being very healthy and active, a cancer started in my bile ducts which was not caused by anything in my control and my life was never the same again.” She added that cholangiocarcinoma ‘is a rare aggressive cancer with often no obvious causes and no cure,’ writing: “I really really do hope that in the years to come more research is done about this horrid cruel disease so that more lives can be saved.”

Daniella continued: “So with that being said, although we can’t control what happens to us, we can control how we react. I chose not to mourn the life I was losing despite being so devastated, but to instead enjoy every moment I had left.”

The post gathered many comments of condolences very quickly, with some people sharing the deep impact the post had on them.

One user shared: “I just turned 23 and have been stressed recently about the startup I’m building. I was just telling a friend how I need to move faster, do more things for the business etc. Your post came across my feed this evening and I stopped.

“I have given up so many fun activities and experiences to keep my head down, that I forget to look up at whats around me. We all take so much in life for granted, and one thing I never want is to wake up one day and look back at my life and wonder why I didn’t appreciate more of it – why I didn’t stop to celebrate the little things, or put the phone/computer down to soak in the small amazing moments of life.”

Another wrote: “Wow. Such courageous words from someone that I’ve never met, but taught me a lot. As I sat scrolling and happened upon this post, I am reminded about the journey that we all take. Sometimes I take my journey for granted and never think about the person that I’m becoming en route to the destination. Many times I’m fixated on the challenges and don’t stop to enjoy the moments.

“Each breath brings another opportunity to get it right and while I am saddened to read this post, I am grateful for this gentle reminder that it’s not about the destination, but the person we become along the way.”

Daniella finished her post with a special message for her fiancé, writing: “And lastly to my dear, beautiful Tom, I love you and always will. Thank you for supporting me and bringing so much love and happiness into my life. Go enjoy your life now, you deserve it.”