PICS: 10 of the most stylish items from David Beckham and Kevin Hart's new H&M collection 5 years ago

PICS: 10 of the most stylish items from David Beckham and Kevin Hart's new H&M collection

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"Nothing generally endears men so much as participation of dangers and misfortunes."


Some wise words on friendship from Samuel Johnson there, the author of a little book called The Dictionary.

Although he was writing about the 18th century, the nature of friendship is timeless.

Take for example, the pact between football legend David Beckham and comedy superstar Kevin Hart. You may have seen some of their adventures together already, but if not, have a look...


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In their latest escapade, The Road Trip, the duo find themselves dogged by bad luck as they attempt to drive to Vegas. Hart has an idea for a Beckham musical (starring Hart, of course) and his footballer friend is joining him for the ride.

Life lessons and hilarity ensue.

While you might question Hart's harebrained schemes, you certainly can't fault the lads' dress sense.


In case you haven't checked out the new David Beckham's Essentials Collection (which you can see by clicking here), we've picked 10 of our favourite items to help you look the part when you're next heading off on a road trip of your own.

There's no guarantee you'll wear them as well as Beckham or Hart, but there's no harm in trying, right?

Black-striped jumper, 19.99

Black-striped jumper, €19.99


Bomber jacket 49.99

Bomber jacket, €49.99

Chinos 29.99

Chinos, €29.99

 Double-breasted wool mix 119


Double-breasted wool mix coat, €119.00

Knitted polo-neck , 29.99

Knitted polo-neck, €29.99 

Suit joggers 29.99

Suit joggers, €29.99

Sweatshirt 24.99

Sweatshirt, €24.99

Waffled long-sleeve T-shirt 14.99

Waffled long-sleeve T-shirt, €14.99

Wool-blend flying jacket, 69.99Wool-blend flying jacket, 69.99


Derby shoes with chunky soles 49.99

Derby shoes with chunky soles, €49.99

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