10 ridiculous excuses Irish people use to go for pints 5 years ago

10 ridiculous excuses Irish people use to go for pints

Any excuse for a trip to the local...

Here are some of the most common/most ridiculous excuses/reasons why Irish people feel the desire to head down to the pub.



The country was recently hit by Storm Emma, and a snowstorm came along with it.

We did all that we could to make sure we had the necessary goods (mostly bread) to keep us going in case we were stuck indoors for the days that were in it. We were advised not to make any unnecessary journeys. Offices were closed, as were schools and colleges.

But there was one place that was open, and that was the pub. And boy was it open. For some reason, the second we learned that the snow was going to be a serious hindrance on our lives, we felt the only way to cope was to brave the freezing cold weather and head down to the local pub. It was probably worth it...



It's just not the cold weather that brings it out of us. Even though the snow drove us to the pub in huge numbers, nothing beats a trip to the beer garden when the sun is out. Any sort of extreme weather just convinces us that we would probably all be a lot safer if we were lumped together in the pub.

Hopefully, that doesn't change anytime soon. God knows what we'd do if we had to deal with a tornado or something.


The match

"Are you coming to the pub for the match?" Yes. I don't even know what match you're referring to, but yes.

To be honest, half the time you go to the pub for the match you don't even end up watching the match, it's just on while you're in the pub. But even if you're the most uninterested sports fan in the world, at least it gives you something to talk shite about with strangers as you go up to order a drink.

"Some game isn't it?" is a trusty phrase to have in your back pocket, no matter the game, no matter the sport. It could be the Superbowl, a UFC fight, or any somewhat obscure sporting event, as long as you have a pint in your hand and you make a vague sporting related comment, you're in the clear.


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A train journey

You've got a 90-minute train to Croke Park for a GAA match. Realistically, there's absolutely no need to bring cans. But sure, for the day that's in it, you feel like you may as well. Even though you'll be off the train before you know it, you still feel like it's a good idea. It almost definitely isn't, but sure...


An Irish wake

This is one of the finest Irish traditions. It's something that we do better than anywhere in the world, but there is something a bit mad about the idea behind it. It is equally beautiful and crazy that we celebrate the life of someone by gathering all of the people who cared most about that person and having (more than) a few drinks.

It's an Irish tradition, but one that is respected all around the world. And hell, if it's good enough for The Wire, it's good enough for us!

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Good day at work

You've just had a great day at work. Maybe you got a promotion, maybe you got a deadly new job, maybe you just had a damn good day. You want nothing more than to celebrate with your mates. A pint it is...

Bad day at work

You've just had an absolute shocker at work. You didn't get that promotion, you missed your bus in and you missed it again on the way home. You need something to take your mind off it. You decide to rally the troops down to the pub, so they can listen to you moan about your day. They must be chuffed.

The pre-flight ritual

I mean, did you really go on holidays if you didn't have a pint and a burger king in the airport beforehand?

And you definitely didn't go on holidays if you didn't put a picture of your pint on Facebook with the caption "All set and ready for our holliers". Lots of people say they have a drink to calm the nerves before a long flight, but come on, we all know you're just following tradition. And we aren't complaining.


You've just got the monthly wage you worked so hard for. You've spent the last week of this month living off pot noodles and whatever that meat was that was in the back of the fridge.

You promised yourself that you'll be more sensible next month, and you won't blow it all in one day. But then payday comes around. You check your bank account and you are as surprised as you are excited. It seems like a lifetime since the figure went past double digits. You need to celebrate, hell, you DESERVE to celebrate.

Whatever big event is on

This can range from The Oscars to Wrestlemania to Eurovision to a Game of Thrones season finale, it's an event you really don't have too much of an interest in, but you know you'll have great craic if you have a pint for the occasion.

You've seen one of the movies nominated for Best Picture at The Oscars, and you thought it was alright, but one of your mates has come with a drinking game so you feel you have to. Damn it.

Remember to always drink responsibly. For tips on drinking responsibly, visit drinkaware.ie