The 10 worldwide experiences we'd love to do in the morning 6 years ago

The 10 worldwide experiences we'd love to do in the morning

Brought to you by Lotto. 

What would you love to do if money wasn't an option?


Imagine that you woke up in the morning with €10million resting in your account? What destinations would you visit or what sights would you most like to see?

With tonight's Lotto jackpot hitting €10million, we've come up with a list of breathtaking places that you could visit or unique things that you could do with your newfound wealth.

1. Zero gravity flight


If money wasn’t an object and you want to enjoy an out of this world experience, taking a zero-gravity flight is the one for you. A modified Boeing 727-200 carries out parabolic arcs that actually create a weightless environment to allow you to float, spin and fly as if you were in space. Count us in.

2. Hit the pool at the Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali, Indonesia

The Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali has the best swimming pools you can possibly imagine. Their infinity pools sound like something from a Marvel film and they’re every bit as unearthly. Just make sure you don’t slip near the edge.


3. Climb Machu Picchu in Peru

This ancient Incan site in the Andes is just one of those things that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s among the most famous ruins in the world and it’s been voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Enough said.


4. Have a dip in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that’s typically between 37°C and 40°C so it’s the perfect place for an outdoor dip. The water looks blue but it’s actually white due to the silica in its mineral-rich waters. It’s said to have healing properties and it’s based in a lava field about 40km from Reykjavik.

5. Visit Petra, Jordon


Anyone who’s been to Jordan will tell you what a great place it is but one of its stand out features is the ancient city of Petra, which dates back to 312BC. Carved directly into a cliff, it’s a triumph of human ambition over common sense but it looks amazing!

6. The Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, China

If you look at photos of the The Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, it looks like someone has went buck mad on PhotoShop but it really is that spectacular. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is made up of densely packed layers of minerals and rock that give the mountains a stunning range of colours. This is definitely one for Instagram.

7. Go volcano boarding in Nicaragua

The best sports are the ones that no one else has done. How many people do you know who’s been on an actual volcano never mind volcano boarding. Cerro Negro is an active volcano outside León, Nicaragua. After hiking up, you can either sled down or use a snowboarder to descend it at speeds of nearly 50km/h.

8. Chill out in the Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The Icehotel sits north of the Arctic Circle and is made almost entirely from ice. Beds, a bar and even drinks glasses are all made from ice. If you’re looking for a trip to tell your mates about, this is it.

9. Fly over Cappadocia in a Balloon

Cappadocia in Turkey has a distinctive landscape made up of “fairy chimneys,” conical rock formations that were occupied by cave dwellers. That would be an impressive sight in its own right but it’s also famous for its balloon rides. Taking to the skies in a balloon really is the best way to see this site.

10. See the Tianzi mountains, China

These distinctive mountains were the inspiration for the floating mountains in James Cameron’s Avatar. Tianzi means “son of heaven” and it’s easy to see why a place that looks so ethereal might encourage you to find religion. Spectacular doesn’t do it justice

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Brought to you by Lotto.