11 clues your best mate is married without even knowing it 4 years ago

11 clues your best mate is married without even knowing it

We’ve all got one - that mate who went from troublemaker to muffin-baker.

Come, let's resent his happiness.

1. They seem to be at a wedding every other weekend.

2. He didn't come out for a pint for a reason related to his cat.

Cat-brain-freeze Via ForGIFs

Public service announcement: a cat's birthday is not a major event.

3. If you WhatsApp him after 10PM, he's consistently fast asleep.

4. He now says 'We' instead of 'I', like some kind of creepy pod-person.

United Artists

"WE love it?" Not to be funny, my friend, but you used to bloody hate drinking rosé.

5. He treats his other half getting a cold like a nuclear meltdown.

The Walt Disney Company

You know what's going on in Syria, right? Just saying, for perspective.

6. He's been to IKEA. Twice.

United Artists

Warning sign: he may have actually enjoyed it.

7. He's been spotted doing this.

Okay, we admit it's pretty comfy. But this isn't about us, this is about you.

8. He never talks about sex any more.

(Though maybe that's not a bad thing)

9. They're un-ironically rocking #DadShoes

Add white socks to the mix for that 'Never going to get the shift again' look.

10. He's developed a broad knowledge of Saturday night TV.

BBC Worldwide

(We know GBBO wasn't a weekend show, but just look at Berry go)

11. He seems happy and content, and that kills you inside.

movies animals boy playing GRIMACING Paramount Pictures

Being alone forever is cool, right?! Right...?