11 messages that every Irish person has received at some stage 6 years ago

11 messages that every Irish person has received at some stage

Where you?

Despite claiming to be different, Ireland has a lot things in common as a nation. We love tea (Lyons or Barry's), we're obsessed with the weather and we're sure that lighting a candle will compensate for any amount of lack of study.


With a lot of similarities between us all, it's only natural that messages and WhatsApp groups around the country would be of a similar nature.

So we've put together a list of messages that Irish people will receive at some stage in their lives.

The standard one after a night out

I'm definitely alive, this hangover is too real.


The dreaded team WhatsApp message

So is training at 11 or 10:45? FFS


The update from home


Every. Single. Night.

This is probably the same person who pulls out of every plan at the last minute.

Worried about an exam?

There's no need to be, Mammy has got your back.



When you're too dedicated to GAA

In fairness, you had Championship that weekend.

The milk run

If you get home from work and there's no milk for a cup of tea, there'll be war.

We all have one friend who is very, very fair

Lesson; Not everyone is as sallow as you, you smug bastard.

The one constant message

We're not sure why there's a question mark here, they should know the answer is always yes.

Capitalise the 'JOE'... FFS

The inevitable status message the morning after

Translation: Came home before 12, grabbed a curry chip and watched Netflix in bed.