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10th Dec 2015

12 rules that will make your 12 Pubs of Christmas way better craic

Joe Harrington

Have a bit of craic on your 12 Pubs.

The 12 Pubs of Christmas has become an annual tradition in Ireland with groups of friends going on drinking routes all over the country.

The really eager beavers started at the end of November this year and the next few weekends should see pubs packed with Christmas very merry, jumper-wearing folk.

The 12 Pubs is supposed to be a bit of fun, so here are 12 pub rules you can adhere to so your session will be a little bit more fun.

Note: The forfeit for all of these rules is that you have to buy everyone a drink in the next pub, so do them.

  1. Nobody is allowed use their phone.
  2. Everyone has to swap shoes with someone in the group before they drink.
  3. Everyone has to use their bad hand to drink.
  4. Nobody is allowed to speak to the bar staff while ordering or to their friends. Complete silence.
  5. Everyone must get someone else has to feed them their pint/drink. They can’t touch their own drink.
  6. Everyone must speak in a foreign accent.
  7. Everyone must drink a pint of water or 10. You’ll thank us in the morning.
  8. The smallest person is the group has stand up and do a roll call of everyone.
  9. You have to call the barman Guinness, “Can I have a pint of Heineken please, Guinness?”. If he gives you a pint of Guinness you have to drink it.
  10. Nobody is allowed put their drink down on a surface.
  11. Everyone in the group has to ignore each other and pretend they’re strangers.
  12. Everyone has to hug a stranger before they can leave the pub.

It’s always a great night out guys and gals, but take it handy because if you can’t remember, what’s the point? Enjoy.

For information about alcohol and drinking responsibly in Ireland, visit

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