16 classic toys that every Irish kid growing up in the '90s wanted 3 years ago

16 classic toys that every Irish kid growing up in the '90s wanted

Do these bring back any memories?

Wanting some brilliant toys is in every kid's nature - after all, we were indoctrinated by The Late Late Toy Show.


On this note, we think some of these toys will bring back some memories for anyone that grew up in the '90s.

The Technodrome from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It had missiles, wheels and weapons. What else do you need?


Home Alone Talkboy

Those few scenes in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York probably resulted in more parents being driven crazy with requests of 'can I have it ma, can I have it ma, can I have it ma?' than anything else.


Mr Frosty


Every Irish person wanted this because it was like a one man ice-pop maker; what's not to love?

You're never too old for a Mr Frosty.


Micro Machines


These were great fun, just don't do a Ralph Wiggum and stick them up your nose.


Tyco Python remote-control car

I've a theory that no matter their age, everyone need a toy to play with on Christmas Day. This one was so cool because it had a snake head that squirted water at people.

We never grow up.


Goal post

Most Irish people pestered their parents into buying a proper goal with a net for them.

Cue lads absolutely lashing shots at their younger brother in goal because we all wanted to see the ball actually burst through the net.



Please don't skip, please don't skip, please don't skip. Damn it, it skipped.


Boulder Hill

Does anyone remember M.A.S.K? If you do then you'll know just how awesome this was. It took a while to assemble but it was so much fun.

Boulder Hill

Pro-action football

An upgrade on Subbuteto because the players had magnets in their boots. The adverts always made this game look much more appealing then it actually was.

Pro Action


Monsters + Puppets = Endless potential to scare your sister.


Jurassic Park toys

The new film may have some brilliant merchandise but in my mind, these toys will never be topped.

Super Soaker

This is a gift that's acceptable for any man between the ages of 6-60. I frequently give them out as a wedding present.

Super Soaker

Screwball scramble

One of the most frustrating and fun games ever. The skill, balance and poise it took to navigate that little ball around the board was incredible.


Super Nintendo

Sometimes you don't need friends when you have Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II: Turbo.


Turtles / Transformers toys

The sheer amount of fun you can get by making two pieces of plastic beat the living crap out of each other.

Optimus Prime Robot


You probably knew somebody that had this game. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was called!

Tomy Driver