Life | 4 months ago

1. This terrible insult:

Image: Twitter: @soopdug


2. This woman's new Weightwatchers friend:

Image: Twitter: @MessRamsay


3. This guy's school website:

Image: Twitter: @garinstone21


4. This loser dog:

Image: Twitter: @Butsay_


5. This girl's Christmas disaster:

Image: Twitter: @rebeccaryanxxx


6. This important note from Wikipedia:

Image: Twitter: @memeprovider


7. This beautiful love poem:

Image: Twitter: @sam_bambs


8. This take on The Killers' "Mr. Brightside":


Image: Twitter: @beesmygod


9. This guy's chameleon drawing:

Image: Twitter: @Alex_jonsie


10. This previously unreleased episode of Postman Pat:

Image: Twitter: @Laslo_Panaflex


11. This perfect holiday prank:

Image: Twitter: @_aimeeconnolly


12. This completely shameless uni lecturer:

Image: Twitter: @KaySiizzle


13. This royal observation:

Image: Twitter: @adamhess1


14. This flagrant lie from Ginger Spice:

Image: Twitter: @gunnerpunner


15. This guy's surprise birthday cake:


Image: Twitter: @elijahdaniel


16. This girl's ridiculous mate:

Image: Twitter: @kristenmcewanx


17. This bloke's awful WiFi:

Image: Twitter: @MarkHayter1


18. This guy's shocking discovery:

Image: Twitter: @Indian_skin


19. This kid's trolling of his mum's chores:

Image: Twitter: @JaysonCoackley


20. This guy's heartbroken driving instructor:

Image: Twitter: @MattConnell98


21. This guy's delicious dinner:

Image: Twitter: @Fred_Delicious

Episode 8 of The JOE Show is bringing thrills, spills and a hell of a lot of sunburn.


Take a look at Ireland's first social chat show - featuring entertainment in the form of TV and radio presenter Stephen Byrne, an exclusive interview with Mark Wahlberg and a brilliant Magic Cover from New Valley Wolves.

Shifts will be bringing the laughs in their latest sketch while Joe Gorman is facing his phobias of heights and water at the new Tayto Park ride, the Viking Voyage. Plus, we'll be taking a look back at the time we won the Euros...


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