Life | 1 month ago

1. This terrible insult:

Image: Twitter: @soopdug


2. This woman's new Weightwatchers friend:

Image: Twitter: @MessRamsay


3. This guy's school website:

Image: Twitter: @garinstone21


4. This loser dog:

Image: Twitter: @Butsay_


5. This girl's Christmas disaster:

Image: Twitter: @rebeccaryanxxx


6. This important note from Wikipedia:

Image: Twitter: @memeprovider


7. This beautiful love poem:

Image: Twitter: @sam_bambs


8. This take on The Killers' "Mr. Brightside":

Image: Twitter: @beesmygod


9. This guy's chameleon drawing:

Image: Twitter: @Alex_jonsie


10. This previously unreleased episode of Postman Pat:

Image: Twitter: @Laslo_Panaflex



11. This perfect holiday prank:

Image: Twitter: @_aimeeconnolly


12. This completely shameless uni lecturer:

Image: Twitter: @KaySiizzle


13. This royal observation:

Image: Twitter: @adamhess1


14. This flagrant lie from Ginger Spice:


Image: Twitter: @gunnerpunner


15. This guy's surprise birthday cake:

Image: Twitter: @elijahdaniel


16. This girl's ridiculous mate:

Image: Twitter: @kristenmcewanx


17. This bloke's awful WiFi:

Image: Twitter: @MarkHayter1


18. This guy's shocking discovery:

Image: Twitter: @Indian_skin


19. This kid's trolling of his mum's chores:

Image: Twitter: @JaysonCoackley


20. This guy's heartbroken driving instructor:

Image: Twitter: @MattConnell98


21. This guy's delicious dinner:

Image: Twitter: @Fred_Delicious

Episode 4 of our brand new podcast The Capital B is here!

This week's pod includes:

  • Tom Keogh of Keogh's crisps on why floury Irish potatoes make the world's most delicious crisps but the French couldn't care less;

  • Biscuit mogul and former Fig Roll queen Alison Cowzer talks the billion euro industry of digestives and getting buttery Irish biscuits into the world's mouths;

  • The real King of Connemara, Richard King on how to charm a foreign fish market with visions of the wild Atlantic ocean and Aran sweaters.

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