This is EXACTLY how much each home appliance adds to your energy bill every month 9 months ago

This is EXACTLY how much each home appliance adds to your energy bill every month

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From boiling the kettle to putting on a wash, this is how much energy these everyday appliances use...


Now that we're well and truly into the season of dark evenings and cold temperatures, you're probably not alone if you've noticed your energy bills are on the up.

When it comes to heating or electricity bills, we're all doing what we can to keep costs as low as possible, whether that's availing of some of the credits available or reducing your usage wherever possible.

To help you out, the Government has introduced Reduce Your Use - a free information booklet packed with advice for saving on your energy bills this winter.


The booklet includes details on the various Government supports households and businesses can avail of this winter - including the €600 Government Electricity Credit, Tax Relief options and Social Welfare. Plus, it covers the various services that can help you with managing any bills or debts this winter, as well as informing you on your consumer rights.

Crucially, it also provides some tips and tricks for saving on your energy bills this year, covering some simple steps you can take to reduce your heating and electricity costs. Ahead of Christmas, when we're all likely to consume more energy, here are just some of their tips for keeping costs down:

  • Switch to LED Christmas lights, the LED can be 7 times more efficient than old incandescent lights.
  • Use fibre optic decorations and trees.
  • Use a timer to automatically switch off lights in the early morning.•Use solar lights for outside decorations.
  • Use battery-operated lights.
  • Choose a string with fewer bulbs.
  • Do not leave lights ON when you are out


While it's important to keep using any energy or devices that help you stay warm and well this winter, there are some simple steps that might help you cut down on any wasted energy.

The Reduce Your Use booklet has a handy graph showing how much each appliance in your home costs to run, clearly highlighting which ones use the most energy.

You can find the full graph here covering loads more everyday appliances, but here are just some of the key findings...

  • Kettle - €0.20 for every 15 minutes
  • TV - €0.10 for every four hours
  • Washing machine - €0.37 every hour
  • Tumble Dryer - €0.85 every hour
  • Electric cooker - €1.36 every four hours
  • Gas central heating - €11.20 every 5 hours

You can find loads of handy advice in the Reduce Your Use booklet HERE.

The Government understands the challenge facing many this winter with the rising cost of energy bills, and has provided supports to help, alongside this information booklet, which gives advice on how to best stay warm and well this winter, and how to reduce energy use where safe and possible to do so.Visit

Brought to you by DECC