5 websites which should just be allowed to die 6 years ago

5 websites which should just be allowed to die

Have you ever accidentally left food in the cupboard, only to realise weeks later that it's well past its 'best before date' and has grown some mould?

Here is the virtual version of that.


These are the websites that are still around, despite the fact that they should have been binned years ago.

If websites could grow mould, these ones would.

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(1996) CNN's O.J Simpson Trial Tracker

The trial that gripped the world looks like a VHS version of Cluedo on CNN's trial tracker.


(1996) Space Jam


A great movie, which spawned a website which isn't quite as timeless.


(1999) Robert De Niro info page 

Do you know what Robert De Niro was at 16 years ago? Do you want to know?



(1998) You've Got Mail 

I remember this movie from that day I was sick in primary school and it was on TV. I'm now five years out of college... this website should no longer be a thing.


(2004) Arngren


This is the visual representation of a headache.


Don't get stuck in the past.

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