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10th Jan 2022

Man saves €700 buying 500 cans of Guinness before new prices came into effect

Hugh Carr

500 guinness cans

Our ‘can’didate for Best Financial Investment this year…

We’re all looking for ways to save money and make some sound financial investments.

Whether it’s switching where you shop, cutting out some expenditure, or even investing in some stocks, we’ll do anything to be better off in the long run.

Well, one man has made the ultimate financial investment this year.

One Liveline listener sent a picture of his collection of 500 cans of Guinness (no Nitrosurge, unfortunately) to Joe Duffy, who promptly shared the post to the show’s Twitter account.

“Brendan saved €700 buying 500 cans of Guinness on the Eve of minimum pricing!!”

The mass purchase of the stout was carried out before minimum unit pricing came into effect last week (4 January).

To determine the minimum cost of a can / bottle, you multiply the volume in millilitres by the percentage of ABV by 0.789, divide by 100 to get grams of alcohol content and multiply by €0.10 for the minimum unit cost.

A single can of Guinness can no longer be sold for anything less than €1.66.

500 cans of Guinness, therefore, will cost no less than €828.45(!).

Brendan called into the show to talk about his financial finesse.

A smaller off-license near his home was doing a deal for a 12 pack for €10 each, prompting Brendan to dig into his savings and buying the horde.

Around €400 was spent on the cans, and the same number of cans were being sold for around €1100 from the same off license the very next day.

An incredible investment, if you ask us.

Bernard McNally, an off-license manager based in Clones, also spoke on the program earlier in relation to the new regulations surrounding the price of alcohol.

“Our sales would have dropped 22% there just last week, compared to this week last year, so yeah, a significant drop,” he said.

Regardless of the new prices, at least we know that the Beer Baron is still out there somewhere…

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