6 of the worst Irish haircuts from the past six years 6 years ago

6 of the worst Irish haircuts from the past six years

To celebrate the 6th annual Shave or Dye campaign, here are six of the worst Irish haircuts we’ve seen over the last six years.

Today FM’s annual Shave or Dye campaign, supporting the Irish Cancer Society, launches this week but with a slight difference to previous years.


This year, the initiative has evolved to include a third option called ‘Oh My’, which encourages people to share their bad hair selfies and pictures on their social media pages and donate €2 to the Irish Cancer Society. Don't forget the #ShaveOrDye hashtag!

To get involved, log onto TodayFM.com or text ‘shave’ to 50300 to donate €2 to the Irish Cancer Society.

So, to get the ball rolling and to give you an idea of what classifies as a ‘dodgy hairdo’ here are six of the biggest ‘Oh My’ haircuts that we’ve seen sported by various Irishmen over the past six years…

Rory McIlroy

Back before the days of his world no.1 status (he finished no.9 in 2009), Rory had a barnet that looked more like a wild bird's nest that had been ravaged by a hungry fox.


Colin Farrell


Okay, so strictly speaking, this wasn't Colin's actual hairdo, but the balding combover should never be attempted, whether it's in real life, or art. We can barely look at the picture below.



If the 'There's Something About Mary' look didn't work for Cameron Diaz, it wasn't going to work for this pair. Sorry, lads.

VIVA Comet 2011


Mick Wallace & bonus Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan

You'd spot Mick and Ming in the Dail from a mile away thanks to their flowing untamed locks, but just because you can grow your hair like someone 20 years your junior doesn't mean you should.


Stephen Lavin


We will admit that Limerick's Stephen Lavin rocked a pretty bad-ass looking mohawk back in the day, but it was still a bit unconventional for GAA standards and so it makes the list.


Diarmuid Higgins (J1 student from Offaly)

Last, but not least, who could forget about poor Diarmuid Higgins from Offaly who ended up on the wrong end of a barber's razor all in the name of a Jimmy Kimmel skit. While his terrible hairdo wasn't exactly his own doing, it's still one of the biggest 'Oh My' dos we've seen in the past few years.


There's nothing worse than a patchy buzz cut...