USIT release important travel information for any student heading abroad this summer 2 months ago

USIT release important travel information for any student heading abroad this summer

For any student that fancies living in the US Canada, Australia, or elsewhere this summer.

As March approaches, the summer season is still quite some time away, but the work never stops for USIT, who are doing their best to help Irish students planning of spending time living abroad.

With plenty of Irish students looking to live and work abroad, USIT have taken the time to remind people of the various options currently available.

Apart from Europe, the organisation also offer several bilateral visa agreements with countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

To get a visa for Canada, USIT say it's relatively straightforward as you have until the age of 35 to use a versatile two-year visa option.

The same applies for Australia and New Zealand, where you can travel up until the age of 35 years old and 30 years old respectively.

However, the United States is different because the work visa options available to Irish people are more restrictive.

Apart from the J1 Summer work and travel visa, there's one other option that allows Irish students to spend a significant amount of time working in the USA - the One Year Graduate USA Visa.

This programme allows third level graduates and students the opportunity to spend one year working and travelling in the US. All participants must activate their visa within 12 months of finishing college.

There is a clause, however. Once in the US, you have 90 days to secure a job and it must be related to your field of study.

For students that graduated in 2018, USIT have warned that time is running out to secure a place abroad as the deadline for 2018 graduates is 31 March.

More information is available from the USIT website.