A guide to some of the best places to eat in Drogheda 1 year ago

A guide to some of the best places to eat in Drogheda

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You'll never leave Drogheda on an empty stomach.

Drogheda really couldn't possibly be in a better location. With a coast to the east packed with seafood and open countryside in every other direction, restaurants don't exactly have to look far for local produce.

Colin Harmon, the man behind 3fe Coffee and four-time Irish Barista Champion had a look at some of the best spots in Drogheda. In fairness he literally wrote a book about running coffee shops, so definitely knows what he's talking about!

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Colin Harmon in Drogheda


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Run by possibly two of the coolest people you’re ever likely to meet, Eastern Seaboard is worth jumping in the car to go and visit no matter where you are on the island. Nestled into an inconspicuous housing estate above the town, this spot is one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever visited and continues to be a place I seek out when I’m looking for some new ideas and energy.

The first time I visited here they welcomed us with Pet Nat wine and a massive bowl of chicken wings and my heart was theirs from that point on. Their aged steaks are legendary, their locally sourced fish is always cooked fresh and to perfection, and the place has a particular type of cool that only Jeni and Reuven can pull off.

They also own the Brown Hound Bakery down the road that serves delicious treats and breads to the local community so make sure you pop in there too to get something to take home with you. Into the town itself you can find Ariosa Coffee, the first retail incarnation from one of the original specialty coffee roasters in Ireland. Michael Kelly is one of the main reasons why coffee in this country has gotten so much better in the last 15 years and his first bricks-and-mortar location is well worth a visit.

You can’t leave Drogheda without popping into Fifty4 Seafood Bar to sample the fresh local catch they have on offer. Though it changes throughout the year, the Chowder is a go to and from then on you can trust the staff on what’s good to eat. A cosy little spot with great character and fantastic food!

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Brought to you by MINI Ireland