7 times that Irish messers won the internet 4 years ago

7 times that Irish messers won the internet

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"Sure we're only messing!"


Messing is part of the Irish DNA, an intrinsic part of who we and what we do. There's something about Irish people that means they can squeeze the last drop of craic out of any situation!

Whether it's blagging our way into major sporting events or giving our nearest and dearest every chance to make an eejit out of themselves, we're always up for a bit of messing. So we thought we'd look back at some of the best examples of what happens when Irish messers go viral.

The O’Donovan Brothers interview

There’s not much that hasn’t been said about the O’Donovan brothers’ TV interview at the 2016 Olympics. These lads know how to have the craic with an interviewer and they instantly became viral sensations after their Rio adventures.

If you want a laugh, select subtitles on the video and watch YouTube try to decipher the West Cork accent!

Irish dad winds up hoover boy


What’s worse than not knowing how to work a hoover? Not knowing when your dad is secretly mocking you by encouraging you to start it like a chainsaw. Ah bless.

“Keep trying son. That’s it now. Nearly. Nearly.” What you're watching is top class parenting skills in action…

Irish rebels go missing at Rugby World Cup


Ireland were about to play Romania in the World Cup when this seemingly innocent message went up on the big screen in the Wembley fanzone.

Any Romanians in the crowd must have been wondering why all the Irish people were suddenly laughing. It’s always the simple jokes that work the best.

Irish dancing around the world


They’re not likely to make the Riverdance squad any time soon! But what they lack in technique, these three lads make up for in enthusiasm. They also get bonus points for the impressive backdrops as they take their Irish dancing “skills” across the globe.

Irish fans surprise reporter


The Irish fans cut a viral swathe through France during the Euros but one of the funniest clips was this Hungarian live broadcast getting hijacked by a section of the Green Army.

The reporter gave us a masterclass in grace under pressure. What a pro!

From Debs night to Paris

Former Lucan Community College students Leon Breen and Luke Doherty were at their Debs when they decided to end the night off in style… by going to Paris.

As you do!

The pair’s adventures went viral after they recorded their epic Debs night antics on Snapchat, finishing off their gallivanting with this typical French tourist shot.

Roscommon lads build a swimming pool

It’s not often we get good weather in Ireland so people tend to get a bit excitable when the sun comes out. An extended spell of sunny weather can do strange things to an average Irish person but these Roscommon lads clearly have their priorities right.

What better way to react to the heat than to construct a homemade swimming pool using round bales and silage wrap? Genius!

Friends blag their way into McGregor fight

These lads must have a serious gift of the gab. Shane Gillen and Kymann Power were in the States at the same time as Conor McGregor was looking to claim a second UFC belt at UFC 205 in New York.

With tickets selling for up to $25,000, the pair decided to use their initiative. Not only did they blag their way into the fight by pretending to be journalists, they also got Access All Areas passes. They then documented the whole evening on Snapchat as they caught one the biggest moments in Irish sporting history!

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