8 ways that LinkedIn is like dealing with an ex after a bad breakup 6 years ago

8 ways that LinkedIn is like dealing with an ex after a bad breakup

Can you relate?

LinkedIn has become one of the world's most popular websites for jobseekers and recruiters alike but there's an odd symmetry between the site and the dating world.


Here's just a few thoughts that occurred to us.

1) Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

You only make modifications to your profile when you're looking for a new job or seeking to improve your standing in the company that you currently work for.

This isn't unlike someone that's trying to show-off after a break-up. Just don't go too crazy with your new wardrobe, attitude, resolutions etc though.


Turk Scrubs

2) There's always creeps

Like an ex that just refuses to let things go, there's always a few people that are happy to creep on your profile.



3) They're not even shy about it

The worst thing about this is that you know somebody has been checking your profile but you've no idea who they are.

You have your suspicions though.



4) Off the grid

Hopefully things don't get so bad that you end up making your profile private.


5) Barrage of emails

Like a plethora of drunken texts from your ex, telling you that they've changed and want you back, LinkedIn has no problem with flooding your inbox with messages and requests.



6) New skills

You haven't updated your profile in ages which makes it seem like you're stuck in a timezone.

It's not true! I've changed damnit! There's a new and improved version of me that's even ridier than before (yep, I've made that word up)

Just like that feeling of freedom that comes from dumping the human turd that you once called your partner, you're now free to flirt with the entire world.

This updated profile will definitely make everyone want you...in an professional sense of course.

Hardy Wink

7) Friend, aww friend

Like that awkward moment when you and your new partner accidentally bump into an ex on the street, there's always a little bit of curiosity when it comes to the new people in your life.

It's just a shame that LinkedIn is happy to tell the entire world who you're now connected with.

Maybe you like rubbing your new friends in the faces of other people?


8) You refuse to delete the thing

Despite these issues, it seems cruel to delete your LinkedIn profile because you still know that it can be useful and that it has helped you before.

Not unlike...