8 ways to achieve long term happiness 6 years ago

8 ways to achieve long term happiness

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“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”


That Dalai Lama quote has launched thousands of inspirational Facebook memes but that doesn’t make it any less true.

So what can you do to inject a bit more long term happiness into your life?

1. Get active

Exercise can improve your mood, help you relax and make you feel better about yourself.


Bond villain

Smirking like a Bond villain is optional.

A bit of regular exercise will also help to fight a wide range of diseases. We're no doctors but avoiding disease is definitely something to be happy about.

2. Get plenty of sleep



Sleep helps your body recover and makes you less sensitive to negative emotions.

One University of Michigan study found that getting an extra $60,000 in annual income had less of an impact on your daily happiness than one extra hour of sleep a night.

Just imagine how happy you'd be with an extra hour of sleep and an extra $60,000 a year.


3. Hang out with people

Hanging out

Scientific research has shown that catching up with friends and family can make people happier in the long term.

Still, it’s all relative. Especially if socialising with some of your relations is your worst nightmare.

4. Save yourself some money


Saving money

Money can't buy you happiness but financial security can't hurt your chances. Small savings can really add up over the years.

For instance, you could save €452 on electricity or €629 on dual electricity and gas over two years if you switch to Electric Ireland. Happiness (and a healthier bank account) are just around the corner!

5. Get outdoors

Bear Grylls

It’s not just your sun-tan that suffers when you spend all day in a dark building. Sunlight boosts your serotonin levels and that improves your mood.

It may be tricky to find sunlight during an Irish winter but getting some fresh air helps. Just look at the big happy head on Bear Grylls.

6. Smile


Apparently, the simple act of smiling can make you happier, although it does have to be a real smile.

So find yourself a comedy box set or start recruiting some hilarious new friends to increase your chances of getting in some proper smile time.

7. Stop skipping meals


Breakfast may seem like a Utopian concept when you’re 20 minutes late for work and running to catch the LUAS. Yet eating regular meals is important.

A drop in your blood sugar levels sends stress signals to the brain so try to grab a snack if you don’t have time for a full Irish.

8. Try new things

Trying new things releases the happy drug, dopamine, in your brain. A side affect of dopamine is that it also makes you more productive.

Having a curious mind and an open approach to life can only improve your quality of life.

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Brought to you by Electric Ireland.