A 7 step guide to embracing craft beer 3 years ago

A 7 step guide to embracing craft beer

It's not just for moustachio hipsters, you know?

Craft beers used to be only drank by that guy you didn't want to know, who listens to the band you'll never know

Those days are well in the past.

These days, you can walk into almost any bar in the capital and there's a good chance there'll be a vast array of craft beers on offer.


Gone are the days when your choice was just bubbly Dutch generic, or bubbly Belgian generic.

You now have choice. But with this choice, comes a responsibility.

Here's a seven step guide to help you embrace craft beer.



Step 1: Don't be afraid to ask for a sample.

You have to find what you like and most craft beer pubs are only delighted to help you find that perfect flavour. Just don't start pouring your own. Things could get ugly.


Step 2: The bar person is there to help.

Don't quite know what you're looking for? Explain to your server what sort of tastes you like and you'll be sent in the right direction.


Step 3: New experiences are your friend.

So you've just got recommended a double chocolate stout and you don't know if you're willing to try it? Nothing ventured, nothing gained my friend.



Step 4: There's no such thing as wrong.

So you're the most masculine guy in the place and you like the lightest lager there. Don't worry about it, craft beer folk aren't a judgemental bunch.


Step 5: Combine with food.

If you thought food should only be paired with wine, then back up, you're wrong. There are books upon books dedicated to what food goes with what beer, so prepare to be astounded.


Step 6: Celebrate local.


Ireland has some of the best master brewers in the world, so support your local brewery by chancing a pint from one from time to time. You won't regret it.


Step 7: Enjoy.

Remember not to take it all too serious. Beer is all about enjoyment, so you shouldn't worry too much about it.


Your next step is to go along to the Killarney Beerfest in association with Beoir Ireland on June 5th, 6th and 7th.

Over the weekend they'll be a celebration of Irish craft brewing, competitions, fabulous Irish artisan food and the best of live music with Jerry Fish, Picturehouse and the Swing Cats.