A man in the UK is organising Britain’s first small penis party 8 years ago

A man in the UK is organising Britain’s first small penis party

This lad has some pair of balls on him that’s for sure.

Socialites fond of a night on the town often like to brag about the parties they attend, but we’re not sure there’ll be too many bragging about going to a certain party coming up in the UK next month.


Poet Ant Smith is throwing a ‘Big Small Penis Party’ in London, a party that is open to males and females, but the entry fee for male guests will depend on the size of their, ahem, little man down there.

According to The Mirror, entry to the party will be charged at 50p per inch, with attendees required to disclose the size of their penis on entry.

The effect of this is two-fold in that partygoers exaggerating about their reproductive organ will have to cough up more cash, whereas those trying to get in on the cheap will have to admit to having a tiny member.

It’s not going to make much of a difference either way because with the size of an average male penis being five to six inches, most men attending the party will get in for £3 or less.


Talk about bang for your buck!

It also begs the question, do women get in for free?

“For too long, men who perceive their penises to be small have been made to feel inadequate,” Smith is quoted as saying in The Mirror.

“It’s time to stand up and say there’s nothing wrong with having a little nob.”


Comedians, nude poets, musicians and rappers have already been lined up to perform at the event, which will take place at The Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel in London on March 7

“It’s an open invite to everybody, male or female, Smith added.

“We’ve all been touched by a small penis in our lifetime, now’s the time to give something back.”

Will they be rocking out with their cocks out? We’ll get our coats.