A partner's guide to the mystery of buying make-up, with some help from the Kardashians 8 years ago

A partner's guide to the mystery of buying make-up, with some help from the Kardashians

Ever wonder what is in that mystery bag your other half carries around? We're here to help, and to advise you on what to buy for a very much appreciated Valentine's Day gift too.

Like a lion's cages or the blades of a lawnmower, we've never even thought of sticking our hands into our other half's make-up bag. But with a little help from us, we'll soon have you up to speed on the magic bag, and advise you on what you might buy for Valentine's Day that will take pride of place.


We'll start at the top, with mascara. You probably know, at least you should, that it is the brush thing that makes eyelashes look fuller and longer. With that in mind, Kardashian Beauty's 'Out To There' (€14.99) mascara is just the ticket. It comes with that all important promise of 'no clumping', which is nothing to do with parking in a delivery bay.

If you're not 100 per cent sure what your nearest and dearest wants or uses, then you really can't go wrong with the old reliable; the eye shadow palette.


Kardashian Beauty's 'Touch Tone' kit (€14.99), above, covers all the bases, and without any wild colours in there that will remind you of Homer's make-up gun.


Make up gun

Now we move onto eyeliner, something you may be familiar with from that Goth phase you went through. Kardashian Beauty's 'Deeply Felt' (€14.99) will define the eye, something we have been told is very important indeed.


We've also been advised that naked is the hot new trend but we were also quickly told to behave, they meant only the lips. Flesh-toned lipstick (nope, us either) is key apparently and Kardashian Beauty's 'AU Naturel Signature Lip Kits' (€18.99) is a three-step set up that will have the wearer nude and beautiful in no time.


nude lip

Whatever about the lips, it is bronzer that is vital to giving the face a lift, especially if you haven't seen any actual sunshine in months. The Cabana Bronze Matt Bronzer (€16.99) is weather proof (important) and long wearing so it is a key ingredient in any make-up bag worth its salt.


And finally, just like your TV, high definition is very important too. To achieve this in facial terms - it won't work on your crappy telly - all you need is a blast of Light Stroke Double Luminzer (€16.99). This magic stuff creates lines to highlight and define brows, cheek bones, lips, whatever and we have been told that no self-respecting make-up wearer should be without it.


So, we hope that has de-mystified the make-up bag just a tad, and given you a few ideas for what to get this Valentine's Day.

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