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14th Apr 2016

After you’ve eaten this pizza you can make a pipe out of the box

For when you just can't choose...


Sorry Domino’s, but you’re dead to me…

Push For Pizza, a US company with a love of all things design, has commissioned modern minimalist artist Nikolas Gregory to create them a pizza box which transforms into a smokeable pipe.

Yes, you did just read that right – a pipe.

‘How does that work?’, we hear you screaming at your laptop. Well, the box stand – the bit that keep the cheese off the cardboard – is made of ceramic and resistant to heat.

Attach it to the pipe as a ‘bowl’, and you won’t inhale any toxic fumes. You’re welcome.

Oh, and be sure to check out this video in which the founders of PushForPizza drive a Lamborghini down a US highway at breakneck speed. Because why not?

via PushForPizzavia PushForPizzavia PushForPizzavia PushForPizzavia PushForPizzavia PushForPizza

via PushForPizzavia PushForPizza

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