Airline offers passengers chance to book an empty seat next to them as well 1 year ago

Airline offers passengers chance to book an empty seat next to them as well

No, it's not the same as booking two tickets.

Australian airline Qantas is allowing customers to chance to not have to sit next to someone on their next flight... for a small fee of course.


The airline is offering a “Neighbour Free Seating option” on certain domestic flights as a pilot programme, which allows passengers to block off the seat next to them.

On flights that are not fully booked, passengers will be sent an email invitation about 48 hours prior to the flight to buy an extra seat before their departure.

To book the seat will cost passengers somewhere between €20 and €35, depending on the flight.

However, it's not a guarantee that the seat won't be filled as the airline said that, for various reasons, the seats may need to be filled. But if this happens, the airline will refund the money paid on the seat.


The routes that are part of the pilot programme range from 90 minutes to four hours long.

It's a savvy enough idea by the airline who would otherwise likely be left with a scattering of free seats around the plane. By getting passengers to shell out a little bit more, the airline will manage to claw a little more money into its coffers.

Other airlines are also offering similar options, including Emirates and Etihad, with prices in a similar range to Qantas.

What do you think? Would you pay an extra few quid to get a free seat beside you on a flight?