Aldi removes over 43 tonnes of plastic from three-litre milk bottle range 10 months ago

Aldi removes over 43 tonnes of plastic from three-litre milk bottle range

Great work from Aldi.

In recent times, we have seen a number of major companies adjust the way that they do business in an attempt to improve the way they affect the environment, retail outlet Aldi being one of them.


Aldi Ireland has announced that it is removing more than 43 tonnes of plastic from its three-litre milk bottle range as part of its commitment to reducing the amount of plastic packaging by 50% by 2025.

Aldi has promised that new bottle design retains "the same strength and durability as before" but uses less unnecessary plastic.

The shape of the bottle has also been altered, meaning Aldi can now increase the capacity of bottles per milk trolley.

As such, this allows more bottles to be transported per delivery, therefore reducing carbon emissions as less deliveries are needed.

The new design of the bottle over 20% less plastic than the original.

Aldi is initially rolling out the new 100% recyclable bottles across 72 of its stores, with the aim of introducing the new bottles across all 142 Irish stores overtime.

Customers will find the new bottles in participating stores now.


Commenting, John Curtin, Aldi Group Buying Director, said: "At Aldi, we understand that customers are looking for more sustainable ways to shop at our stores.

"Reducing the amount of plastic used in our three-litre milk bottles means there is less plastic on our shelves, and less plastic going into our customers’ household waste."